Synthetic Stucco Repair

Small Stucco Repairs. Smaller stucco repairs like patching small holes, filling small cracks, or repairing chips in the wall or the foundation usually cost around $200 to even $1000, or sometimes less. More serious repairs like water damage or stucco chimney repairs, however, cost more to do, because they require specialized equipment that is not always available for homeowners. A synthetic stucco repair usually costs less than an established repair job.

Large Stucco Repairs. While the cost of a small repair project will probably vary depending on how complicated the problem is, if there are large holes or large chips in your home’s exterior, then professional help may be needed. For instance, if you have a hole blown through the side of your home, then a stucco repair could be necessary to repair the damage. However, some repairs involving stucco might not require the use of a professional contractor, and this depends on the type of damage you have.

Insulation Quality. The quality of the surface on which the stucco repair is being done will affect the type of final product that can be created. Surfaces that are more patchy and more sensitive to changes in weather conditions are more difficult to repair. On the other hand, smooth surfaces with a high gloss finish are easier to repair. The synthetic stucco contractor should, therefore, be able to create a finish that will match the exterior structure, and will make the most of the small repair jobs that you need to get done.

Hairline Cracks and Holes. If there are hairline cracks or holes on your home’s exterior walls, then the repair job may be much easier than it seems. In fact, small holes and cracks often cause much larger problems that can lead to bigger structural issues. For instance, damaged stucco may penetrate the home, causing the surrounding wood to swell and push up against the inside of the house. Over time, this can significantly increase the weight of the ceiling and walls of the home, causing serious structural concerns.

Immediate Inspection. Once the stucco system repair has been approved, the next thing you need to do is an inspection of the surrounding area. During your inspection, you need to look for signs of any water infiltration, such as puddles, leaks, and damaged gutters and fascia boards. Also, check for areas where the surrounding air quality appears to be contaminated with mold. If the mold growth is indeed present in the structure, then you need to have the stucco contractor perform an immediate inspection and ventilation of the affected areas of the home, so that any mold spores can be removed before they begin to grow.

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