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Stucco is a tough and durable material that can withstand not only the elements, but also the hand of a builder. A house with a stucco exterior looks beautiful, but can be the source of considerable harm to people who enter your home. A few simple steps can ensure that you protect your investment, and that your stucco remains looking beautiful and strong for years to come. The first step in stucco repair is making sure that there are no cracks or holes in your exterior stucco. This is particularly important if the exterior stucco repair is being done as a fix-it project. Small cracks in stucco can often be patched with a primer and sanded down, leaving no noticeable marks on the exterior. If a larger crack or hole is found, however, a professional will need to be consulted to find out the best course of action for fixing the crack.

Many homeowners do not realize that there are different types of stucco repair, and they may end up buying the wrong type of patch to fix a small or large crack or hole. For example, some cracks that are small enough to merely be patched with a stucco repair kit include a “stippled” appearance, meaning that the surface of the patch is grooved. Other repairs will have a stippled look, but will have a smooth exterior surface. A stucco repair is most effective when it is applied to an exterior wall that has mildew or mold. In these cases, it is best to apply the patch on top of the existing stucco and then work it into the wall with a stucco patching gun or sander. Sometimes this is done by simply filling in the grooves with a putty knife, then using the repair patch as a liner to create a new surface. However, more traditional techniques such as pouring Portland cement into the affected area and then staining the repaired area to create a smooth surface are used more frequently.

There are several different techniques used to repair small cracks or holes. One technique involves filling the affected area with Portland cement and staining the repaired portion of the wall to create a smooth surface. This repair method is very effective in many cases, especially where the repair is done to simply create a level surface. Another method involves allowing the Portland cement to sit for several days and carefully chipping away at the damaged portion of the wall using a chisel and hammer. This repair technique can often restore a severely cracked or gouged area, and it also allows the repair work to be nearly invisible because the chipped area is covered up by the surrounding area.

Stucco remediation is a necessary step for almost any exterior damage. When it is discovered that a home has been significantly damaged by water, the repair is an important step to take to prevent future problems. There are several different ways to complete stucco remediation, and you should consult with a professional to find the best way for your specific situation. Whether you choose to fix the damaged part of the wall yourself or have a professional residential or commercial property specialist perform the remediation, the end result will be a healthy exterior that looks like nothing ever happened.

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