Stucco Crack Repair

For many homeowners who are considering stucco crack repair, there are several important things to consider before the first repair attempt. First, if there are any cracks in the siding or other exterior wall surfaces, the problem needs to be addressed right away. Small cracks should be sanded off with fine grit sandpaper. Then, if the damage is serious, an exterior moisture barrier should be applied. The cost varies depending on the type of repair needed and the amount of moisture allowed to penetrate the surface.

For small cracks, such as those found on a single board or few joists, stucco crack repair in Kent, Washington may just include some sanding and sealing. The first step is to determine whether the repairs will be a do it yourself project or if professional help is needed. Since repairing cracks in siding and exterior walls is not a do it yourself endeavor, many homeowners choose to hire a contractor for their repairs. Although hiring a contractor is usually more expensive than doing the repair job yourself, it ensures that the repair job is done properly and that no further damage will occur. Also, many contractors offer a warranty on their repairs.

Many homeowners are concerned about the long term effects of stucco crack repair. For small cracks, such as those that appear on single boards, applying a protective coating of some kind is usually sufficient. Some types of stucco are more resistant to weather damage than others. If you are unsure which type of stucco is best for your home, consulting with a home improvement expert is a good way to start. They can suggest the most suitable exterior coating for your home.

In addition to repairing small cracks, some stucco crack repair jobs include replacing torn or missing portions of the siding. This often involves cutting out the damaged portion of the board pocket. New stucco installation is always easier when the old cracked or missing part has been replaced with a new piece. Replacing damaged sections of the board with new ones may also increase the life of the damaged section of the board.

Once stucco cracks have begun to expand or begin to appear like a crack, they should be repaired as soon as possible. A small gap of at least a half inch should be left between the expanded area and the wall surface. Large gaps or sections of wall that have split apart should be replaced as quickly as possible. Stucco cracks that have become large or that have split apart should not be left alone. It is important to repair them immediately, or they could potentially become a source of serious damage to your home.

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