STEP ONE: To reduce the visual impact of discoloration and rust damage, you must reduce the discoloration of existing damaged or chipped stucco. A thorough scrape and clean of the siding and surface are required. You should make sure that all cracks, pits, and breaches are properly cleaned before applying a coating. The quikrete stucco repair in Kent, Washington can be a bit more labor intensive if there are deep cracks and large holes.

STEP TWO: If the surface has already been painted, then apply an exterior or paint coat over the existing paint to provide a high gloss finish. Quikrete Stucco Repairs can also be applied to stains. For best results, limit exposure to sunlight while the stucco repairs are in progress. For sf home owners, apply the paint after the repairs are complete to seal them and protect them from UV rays.

STEP THREE: Foundation repair works best on stucco materials that do not have the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. In most cases, it is best to choose a material that can stand strong against both wind and rain. It is vital to choose a board siding repair kit that is designed specifically for your home’s foundation. The kit should also include an interior and exterior filler.

STEP FOUR: After applying the previous layer of repair, a trowel should be used to remove the excess resin and other debris from the wall. This will allow you to work on the repairing layers. Work around the outside of each hole, checking for cracks and openings. When repairing the exposed areas, the trowel should be dampened before use. The dampened trowel allows the repair to move freely over the damaged surface.

Once all damaged areas have been repaired, the next step is to fill any open or small gaps in the stucco. To fill a hole, a thin layer of sand paper is recommended. The sand paper can be applied after the previous layer has dried to prevent it from becoming saturated with water. The quikrete stucco repair kit should include a compound to fill any air pockets. A compound like this can prevent the water from penetrating the weakened area, preventing further damage.

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