When a hole becomes too large, it can be plugged, but often the holes keep enlarging until they’re so big that they completely block off access to your house’s exterior. Sometimes they may also grow so big that they completely overwhelm a house’s exterior. While sometimes they can be fixed by simply plugging them with sealant, sometimes these repairs are far from tolerable. The reason for this is because most times the exterior stucco repair involve some level of physical labor. For instance, you must physically go in and manually smooth out the areas that have started to become blocked. In addition, because you’re dealing with such a thick, heavy material, the work often requires a series of sacrifices. For example, if you have to get behind the walls in order to remove any excess mortar, then you’ll also have to secure a piece of metal mesh or tubing in place at the point where the cement stucco repair begins.

Although there’s nothing particularly difficult about exterior stucco repairs in Kent, Washington, there is something that needs to be mentioned here: If you’re going to do the job yourself, then you must realize that you’re likely to need some sort of protective gear when doing the job. For instance, one of the biggest threats to your home’s integrity comes from water, and most people forget that exterior, stucco repairs are often accompanied by water damage of some kind. Therefore, it’s important that you wear a protective hat, long sleeves, long pants, rubber gloves, and other such protective gear if you’re going to be doing any work involving water. This way, you can protect your skin and your hair if something gets really wet.

Obviously, exterior stucco repair isn’t something that you should try to do on your own. There is too much that you have to know and too much that you might end up damaging if you don’t understand what you’re doing. In fact, many times the damage is so severe that it’s necessary for the repair job to be done by a professional. Of course, it’s also possible to save money by doing exterior stucco repair on your own, but only if you’re knowledgeable enough about the materials that you’re working with.The first step in any exterior stucco repair job is to remove the damaged siding from the house. Most people think they need to pull the whole thing down, but in fact this can actually cause damage to the shingles or the siding itself. If the siding is damaged beyond removal, then the job becomes more difficult. In fact, it’s often best just to tear the entire thing away rather than attempting to repair it.

Once the siding has been removed, you’ll next need to figure out what to do about the stucco damage itself. In most cases, the best way to go about this is to use exterior stucco maintenance products. Although there are a number of different products available for sale, the ones that work the best are those that contain cement as an active ingredient. By using these products every few years you can keep your house looking good for a very long time. Just make sure that you follow the instructions carefully and don’t forget to purchase stucco maintenance products.

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